LED E27 6 watt spotlight grow lamp

Full spectrum 9 Watt

A smaller alternative to our 18 watt grow light, this E27 spotlight is also passively cooled through its aluminium housing and therefore completely silent when in use.

Despite its small size this light still packs a good punch and thanks to our full spectrum, can be used with any type of smaller indoor plant.

LED for plants

We use our own custom spectrum which has been developed with both plants and people in mind. By only selecting wavelengths where different plant pigments peak in production, we can assure very good performance per watt even for our smaller lights. By combining the wavelengths in a well balanced ratio this lamp produces a white light that not only affects different plant pigments besides Chlorophyll but is also more suitable to be used indoors compared to regular LED grow lights where only red and blue light is used.

Spotlight for herbs or house plants

This grow light works well for both small indoor grows and house plants.
Besides using different blue and red wavelengths this light also has green light. We use green light for two reasons. Mainly it has a positive effect on cell development in leafs and stems, but also fills in the gap between red and blue light that make up the full spectrum so that all colors are reflected in the grown plants. Have a look under information in the menu to see an illustration of full spectrum vs red/blue spectrum lights.

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E27, 9 Watt spotlight
49 EUR 39 EUR

Red, Green, Blue
4, 2, 3 Watt
Life expectancy
50 000 hours
Illuminance, 1m
3400 Lux
Light beam angle
Dimensions Ø, H
95mm, 110mm
0.4 kg
2 years
Operating cost
0.73 EUR/Month, 15 € Cent/Wh, 18 H/Day