Modular grow light can be tailored for any grow needs

Efficient and modular grow lights

During development of our latest LED circuit boards we have produced a series of lamps in which the boards can be used. By developing a board that is fully adapted for indoor growing needs covering several products we can significantly cut development costs which allows us to offer great deals with one of the market's best customer prices.

The circuit boards used in these grow lights are the same boards used in our 50 and 100 watt passively cooled lights (to be released soon) with the main difference being that these housings are not IP65 rated as we do not rely on cooling through a large metal housing but instead use active fan cooling. Thanks to this change in operation we have been able to optimize price, starting at 40% lower compared to our passively cooled lights. Due to the fan cooling we do recommend growers to have some kind of dedicated space, at least if there are multiple lights running at the same time although we have taken the noise levels into heavy consideration and selected fans with very low noise levels.
During development we have gone through several variants of models to try and improve as many things as possible without any compromise finesse or function. One of the features that makes our lights versatile is their modular abilities. Thus we offer sets of lights with increasingly lower prices to enable you as a customer to customize power needed for your growing area. The lights are delivered unmounted but easily assembled by simply mounting them together side by side with accompanying screws and nuts in whatever form is needed to suit the space. On the top of the lamp we have fitted the housing with a so called daisy chain outlet which allows for connecting one light to another, only requiring one light to be connected to an outlet. All modules used in a setup still work individually even tho connected, allowing for optimizing power usage during growth stages that do not require as much light. This also means that if one of the modules for some reason should fail, it only affects the faulty module leaving the rest of them running as normal. This is specially important for anyone with high demands on light reliability.

The lights are supplied complete with screws for mounting units together (when ordering more than one), standard IEC C13 power cable, and wire hooks for suspension.

Full-spectrum COB LED for cultivation

The lamp housing is a small and compact model. Our goal has been to deliver as compact a lamp as possible to provide both an excellent price, but also to have a high PPFD (Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density) value when daisy chaining multiple lamps and together with the heat resistant borosilicate lens we can guarantee a high level of light transmission without degrading performance over time due to heat, which is a common problem in lighting using regular plastic lenses.

Our COB (chip on board) boards have been designed with a full spectrum, but unlike the COBs normally found on the market today, ours are not phosphorus-based but are produced with monochrome wavelengths as this allows us to completely tailor our grow light to the needs of different plant pigments. With phosphor based LEDs it is possible to achieve full spectrum albeit not with any spectrum precision, which in turn means less efficient light and higher operating costs for the grower.
The circuit board is of high quality with a solid aluminum base for proper heat dissipation. We do not use tin or silver substrates normally found on COBs today, instead we use gold plating to ensure that our boards work well even if they are exposed to higher temperatures than expected.

In addition, despite the total energy consumption being 50 watts per module we have manufactured our COB with a total of 100 watts of LED chips. By lowering the current of the circuit board to half the total power we can both ensure good spectrum stability but also with greater certainty can guarantee the product life span.

Grow light with proper spectrum for plants

Our spectrum has been developed with several different aspects in mind. As mentioned earlier, we use specific monochrome wavelengths that only produce light that greatly affects the plant and its pigments. We use blue and red light mainly where chlorophyll and carotene are produced at most, we use green light to promote Anthocyanin, flavonoids, but also stem and leaf cell development. The spectrum is also fitted with NIR (near infra red) wavelengths which helps visible red light during flowering and fruiting phases to penetrate deeper into the cell structure of the plant increasing the effect of the red visible wavelengths. All in all a wholesome spectrum for growing with wavelengths combined in a naturally distributed ratio, not only providing the plant with all the light it craves but is also a great experience to work with as our selection of wavelengths and ratio used produces a pure white light that brings out and highlights all the colors of a plant in a great way.

Our grow lights fit all types of plants and are suitable for all growth stages, regardless if plants have been purchased or grown from seed. The spectrum is well suited for leafy greenn plants as well as flowering and fruiting plants and can be used for wintering of trees or other large plants and for maintenance of tropical plants and trees.

We've made a couple of updates

During past year we revised our grow lights and made a number of improvements both internally and externally. In addition to white color change of the module housing itself, which is more in line with Gemma LED's company profile, we have mainly improved the optics and flexibility.

This new updated version has a 60 degree beam angle instead of 90 degrees like our previous version of lamp. With our new lens we achieve equal light scattering measured over a square meter as with the old, but with the difference of significantly better light transmission within the beam angle which resulted in a power increase of over 30%.
The new narrower angle allows these grow lights to be hung higher than before and can be used more effectively when growing larger plants because light can penetrate further than before.

The ability to assemble several modules together to form a rigid uniform lamp is a very good feature that makes these modules a versatile solution suitable for both small and large growing requirements.
In addition to hanging wires and hook and power cable we also include brackets and screws for linking two or more lamps together. We have further simplified this process of interconnecting, brackets are now screwed directly to each side of the modules making assembly both quick and easy. This new solution with brackets also allows interconnection of modules in any formation to best suit the grower's space and needs. If the grow light is to be used in a cultivation tent then maybe 2x2 or 3x3 formation is suitable, while if cultivation is done over a table or bench maybe 1x4 or 2x4 shape is more suitable, the possibilities are many.

Each module is delivered complete in packaging (hanging wires with hook, power cable and brackets with screw) and contains both what is needed to get started but also everything needed to expand an existing set of grow lights. These lamps make it easy to expand in the future if you as a grower want to increase the effect of your existing lighting. A bit like building blocks, but with grow lights.

For a closer look of this product, please see a few of our video reviews.

Grow light 50 Watt
119 EUR

Grow light 100 Watt (2*50 Watt)
219 EUR

Grow light 200 Watt (4*50 Watt)
389 EUR

Grow light 450 Watt (9*50 Watt)
759 EUR

R, G, B, W, NIR
(45, 26, 18, 6, 5 Watt) / 2 Watt per modul
Life expectancy
50 000 hours
Illuminance, 1m
5000 Lux per module
Light beam angle
90 °
Standard IEC C13 power cable, 1.5 meter length.
Dimensions W, D, H
164mm, 164mm, 82mm
2 Kg
2 years
Operating cost
4.05 EUR/Month, 15 € Cent/Wh, 18 H/Day