Small efficient E27 indoor COB grow light for plants

Newest generation 18 Watt E26/E27 lights for plants

This is the sequel to our previous 18 Watt E27 grow light which in addition to having a new stylish white housing, has several advantages over its predecessor. Just as before we use the same full spectrum for these new grow lights and the light works well for all plants and plant stages, regardless of whether it intends to provide support lighting for indoor plants, such as lighting for wintering trees or for smaller indoor grow spaces. We have also taken care to fine-tune the spectrum ratio further during the development process which has resulted in a now even more comfortable light than previous model. The color temperature from these new plant lamps highlights all nuances of various plant colors effectively and works well in everyday environments.

In our quest for improvements to our new generation of plant lamps, we have made our production stage more efficient which has helped us to improve both price and quality. Our new 18 Watt E27 COB LED plant lamps are in every way better than their predecessors, at the same time as we have managed to lower the price by roughly 10% due to us working closer to different manufacturers.

COB LED grow light

One of the big steps in development has been to use so-called COB “chip on board”, which means that all LED chips are now mounted on a compact small area inside the lamp instead of being spread over a larger surface. This removes the visual aspect where previously different colors of red, green and blue light could be seen when looking at the lamp. Instead, all different wavelengths of light blend before passing through the lens, thus blending light better and giving a better overall impression as it now looks more like a regular lamp. At the same time, it also no longer requires a minimum distance between the light and the plant since all light is mixed before passing through the lens where as previously the distance was mainly determined by the beam angle of the lens in order for light to mix properly. Because of this, no monochrome color spots appear regardless of how close this COB grow light is used.
The option of using COB has been around for a while and we have examined it several times in recent years but not until now have we found solutions that are optically comparable to previous E27 grow light, where we considered the light transmission to have been good enough.

We use high quality COB circuits for our new lamps. Our new COB circuits are unlike previous circuit boards that were hand-made now made with machine precision and with gold plating for best possible electrical and heat dissipating properties.

A must for year around growing

The full spectrum we have developed is optimized in two different ways. When we develop our light or make improvements to our existing spectrum we mainly think of two things that are a must for our products.

Our grow lights must work well for all types of plants, all year round, for all plant stages whether it is for cultivation, wintering, flowering or maintenance of indoor plants that are kept too dark and need extra light. Our grow lights must blend well into home environments as well as office environments and therefore we put great importance in balancing our full spectrum light with optimum wavelengths for the different pigments of the plants in a color ratio which mimics white light.

Thus, our grow lights should not be confused with many of the cheaper LED plant grow lights on the market today that are not full spectrum. Regular plant lights often emit a red or pink light and unsuitable for indoor use as the color temperature from them is at best difficult to look at and does not reflect and highlight the different colors and pigments of plants.
Ordinary plant lamps do not take into account how the lighting fits into the environment in which it is to be used and also do not consider promoting any pigment other than chlorophyll.
Plants produce several different types of pigments such as chlorophyll, anthocyanin, flavonoids and carotenes for plant to thrive and look nice as these pigments usually contribute to the color, shape, taste and fragrance of plants. In order for a plant to be able to produce all the pigments it is intended to create it must have access to full-spectrum light, because of that you can trust that your plants will thrive well under grow lights from Gemma LED.

Please note, if the lamp is used with a lamp shade / reflector shield that encloses it, the lamp shade should have ventilation holes on the sides or top. If the lamp shade is not ventilated and the heat can not dissipate from it, the life span of the lamp can be affected.

18 Watt, E26/E27, COB, PAR30
59 EUR

18 Watt, E26/E27, COB, PAR30, 2-pack, 10% discount
109 EUR

18 Watt, E26/E27, COB, PAR30, 3-pack, 20% discount
149 EUR

Technical specifications

Grow light
Full spectrum, R, G, B, W, NIR
Life expectancy
50 000 hours
Illuminance, 1m
3100 Lux
Beam angle
Dimensions Ø, H
93mm, 97mm
0.35 kg
2 years
Operating cost
1.46 EUR/Month, 15 € Cent/Wh, 18 H/Day