Small 9w plant light for GU10, E14 and E27 socket

9 Watt grow light with GU10, E14 and E26/E27 socket

After a long period of evaluation and development we can finally present our latest addition of cost-effective and efficient plant lamps. During our development process we have standardized as many components and segments of production as possible so that we can once again offer our products with better quality and better price than before. Now that we have moved parts of production back home to Sweden and handle more sourcing by our self, it has now become possible to offer this product at a 20% lower price compared to previous corresponding model.

Our new COB grow light consists of a stylish, white lamp housing with good heat dissipation of PAR16 diameter which fits all normal GU10 and E14 socket holders. This new product is also offered with the three most common sockets used today and are available as GU10, E14 (small base) and E27 (large base).
Like our smaller 5 watt grow light, we have also equipped this with a 45 degree beam angle lens as we have found it to be a suitable beam angle both from a functional but also aesthetic perspective. It has a a good concentration of light despite its low energy consumption but this angle is also narrow enough to not avoid any glare when looking straight at the grow light. Grow lights in an indoor environment must be both appealing as well as fill all spectral needs which plants have. Gemma grow lights stand out as we place great importance to this so that our grow lights blends well into both home and business environments.

Functional and aesthetic COB lighting for plants

A brand new COB circuit has been developed and standardized for these grow lights. COB is an acronym for "chip on board" which means that LED chip have been mounted with machine on a circuit board, which then can be be installed in a light. The main advantage of this technology when applied to full spectrum lighting is at all frequencies of light are combined and radiated through the optics simultaneously. This makes for a more homogeneous light which is an important factor when looking for both a functional grow light meanwhile being aesthetically pleasing.
Simply put, you do not see each individual color of our designed spectrum with our grow lights,but when you look at our grow light you see a white light that blends in well as indoor lighting but has the advantage of being optimized specifically for plants and their different pigments as well stages of development.

In addition, we now only use gold plating for the composition of our COB circuits due to its natural properties and because heat is the most damaging factor when it comes to LED. We have also over-sized our circuit characteristics so that it can be operated at half the maximum effect to achieve reach maximum power of the housing in regards of heat dissipation. This means that our COB is
subjected to reduced stress from heat and in turn giving our grow light a longer lifespan.

Grow lights for cultivation and year-round use

In conjunction with development of our new grow light we have taken the opportunity to further refine our spectrum. Our new optimizations mean a wider spectrum and contain frequencies from the entire spectrum, including IR (except UV) in an even more neutral tone of light.
Our new refinement achieves a light temperature of around 5500 Kelvin with 750 Lux or 360 Lumen at a meter distance, with a PAR value of 1100 μmol/s at 10cm distance.

This grow light is suitable for all types of plants, whether they are mainly green, flowering or fruiting. This grow light is excellent as year-round lighting for plants that need extra light but also works for growing vegetables and flowers indoors. We recommend using this light at a distance between 20-150cm depending on how much natural light is available during daytime and what the purpose of the grow light is. For plant, light maintenance it is possible allow a bit wider distance but when growing it is strongly recommended to have the plant lamp at a closer distance.

Please note, if the lamp is used with a lamp shade / reflector shield that encloses it, the lamp shade should have ventilation holes on the sides or top. If the lamp shade is not ventilated and the heat can not dissipate from it, the life span of the lamp can be affected.

Video review on Gemma LED 9 Watt COB grow light


9 Watt GU10, 1 pcs
38 EUR


9 Watt GU10, 2 pcs
59 EUR


9 Watt GU10, 4 pcs
109 EUR


9 Watt E14, 1 pcs
38 EUR


9 Watt E14, 2 pcs
59 EUR


9 Watt E14, 4 pcs
109 EUR


9 Watt E26/E27, 1 pcs
38 EUR


9 Watt E26/E27, 2 pcs,
59 EUR


9 Watt E26/E27, 4 pcs
109 EUR

Technical specifications

Grow light
Full spectrum, R, G, B, W, NIR
Life expectancy
50 000 hours
Illuminance, 1m
750 Lux
Light beam angle
GU10, E14 and E26/E27
Dimensions W, D, H
Ø 49 mm, H 77 mm excluding sockel
0.125 Kg
2 years
Operating cost
0.73 EUR/Month, 15 € Cent/Wh, 18 H/Day