Lights for growing

Developer of LED plant lights for both growing needs and regular indoor plants.

Grow light manufacturers of today produce plant lights with LED chips that are either the most readily available or with phosphor coating. Both approaches to production are meant to keep costs down but also mean the spectrum will not be fully optimized for plants. Where as regular grow light producers most often only focus on high chlorophyll production we want to take this one step further and source LEDs based on wavelength to optimize every part of the spectrum not only for the chlorophyll pigments but all plant pigments such as Anthocyanins, flavonoids and carotene. These are all vital pigments for plant health and a must for any grower that care about the quality they produce.

We achieve this through a well balanced ratio of monochrome wavelengths that when combined result in white light. This makes our lights suitable for growing any type of plant and keeping regular indoor plants and trees healthy and alive all year around.

Advantages with LED

There are many advantages of using LEDs for plants but and some of the main advantages are the extremely low energy consumption as well as long life span. Under normal circumstances the average lifespan is expected to be around 50k hours- or around 7.6 years if a light is kept on a 18 hours day cycle.

The only other types of lights that will last this long are fluorescent, and although they can be used for plants the spectrum is no where near as optimized for plants. Besides that they put out UV radiation which under prolonged exposure is harmful but also contain mercury gases. LED neither puts out UV (unless the wavelength has been specifically selected) nor contains any heavy metals.

Selection of lights

How and with what people grow varies, this is why we aim to keep a wide selection of different types of lights ranging from regular screw in sockets such as E14 and E27 to T8 replacements for customers still using fluorescent as well as flood lights and heavy duty grow lights.

If there is anything missing from our selection of products we are always happy to hear about it.